August 15, 2007, I survived a grade 5 subarachnoid hemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm on my right middle cerebral artery. I had a 10% chance of survival, and of that, a 2% chance I would be functional.

It took 10 hours after the rupture before I received the appropriate medical intervention.

At the time of injury I was 30 years old.

When I woke up from my coma and brain surgery, I was half paralyzed, lost half my vision, and lost half my sensation. At the time this weblog was created I was about 18 months post injury.

I am sharing my story with you to help survivors of severe intracranial bleeds, their support networks, and the medical community, learn about what I experienced, demystify the recovery process and offer hope for recovery.

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Aneu is defined as brand new, since everything is new for me post bleed.

Aneu is also a play on the word aneurysm 😉  I am definitely  Aneu Gal!

I am a survivor of a grade 5 subarachnoid hemorrhage survivor from a ruptured brain aneurysm.  This is my story.

Disclaimer: This site is not medical advice. Please consult medical advice from  a qualified medical professional.